“Jason Savage is not a simply editor, he is a skilled film maker who instinctively interprets and crafts his work in response to the material. I have worked with Jason for over ten years on many projects, in many genres from documentary to drama serials to single TV movies. In documentary Jason is peerless in his ability to ‘find’ the film. In drama, he brings the same aesthetic and critical judgements to bear, never simply ‘cutting the script’, but discovering the film through the gems and new ways to look at any film. Even when he hasn’t directly edited a film I’ve made, I will always seek his opinion on a cut. He is the best first audience of material I know.” Writer/Director - Daniel Percival

“Having worked regularly with Jason for over a decade now I can say without hesitation that he is the best editor I have ever worked with. Which is why he is always my first choice. The last time we worked together we won a BAFTA for best editing. Jason’s greatest strength is a brilliant editorial eye, he never seems to lose sight of what the audience will experience, and even when the rest of the team gets “too close” to the subject matter, always maintains a fresh perspective, rich in mood, texture and substance. Jason has a background as a drummer, and his use of music is one of his greatest strengths. He cuts with a surprising speed and rhythm that keeps the viewer alert and interested, even with dense and difficult material. Jason’s knowledge of film, directors, editing styles, and genres borders on savant syndrome, giving and incredible palette with which to work from. Working with Jason has always inspired me to do my best work.” Producer/Director - Nicolas Brown

“If you can get Jason Savage to cut your film you should. He’s one of the best editors you’ll ever work with. He understands your rushes visually, narratively and emotionally. He squeezes every drop of life out of your material and even finds life in it you didn’t know was there when you shot it. He’s fast, decisive and he’s almost always right. Oh, and he’s funny too”
Director - Liz Dobson

“Jason Savage's grasp of narrative and understanding of character coupled with his actual editing skills and dextrous use of music make him quite simply one of the best documentary editors working in Britain today. Able to work either independently or closely in cooperation with others, I cannot recommend him highly enough.” Producer/Director - James Cohen